Impressive Pumpkin Carvings

Handcrafted Steam

Happy Halloween everybody! In the spirit of today’s holiday, I have decided to feature pumpkin carvings that I have found to be quite impressive. I hope everyone enjoys their festivities!

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what I know about…remembering

Everything I know about memories I learned from Harry Potter.

I went through a feng shui stage a while ago. I think it lasted as long as most of my phases last.

Anyways, I put the mappy thing over the plan of our house- including the attached garage. I figured that because it was under the roofline, it counted.

Right in the money part was the far corner of the garage.

In that corner is a brass firebox filled with horse brasses and the types of big copper plates and ornaments that you’d find in an English pub. They belonged to an Aunt of Mr T’s who moved out from Scotland.

We haven’t looked at the contents for over 20 years, yet he won’t get rid of it. Sentimental, he says.

When I ask about the aunt he can’t remember her without remembering her bitterness, her pessimism and her dislike…

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Catching Up… with Harry Potter

Ariela Vaughn

Yes, it’s true. I’m one of the few people who managed to stay away from the Harry Potter mania that swept through the U.S. (and other parts of the world, I’m sure) a few years back. I didn’t read the books. I didn’t see the movies. I didn’t buy any of the abundant merchandise. Yet in my pursuit of discovering what makes some books sell in the millions while others sell only a handful copies, I realized I was doing myself a huge disservice by  not reading the books our nation embraced and turned into a phenomenon.

With that in mind, I decided it’s about time I read some of the wildly popular books I haven’t picked up (although Fifty Shades of Grey is one I will never read). I decided to start with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Honestly, I expected to be bored out of my…

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#470 – The Order of the Phoenix – Chapters 32-38

The Christian Nerd

Once I got to the last few chapters of The Order of the Phoenix I couldn’t put the book down. J.K. Rowling has the amazing ability to slowly build her story and then ramp up the excitement and tension. The fight between Harry and his friends and the Death Eaters captivated me, so much so that I could hardly wait to turn to the next page.

Below are some thoughts from the final seven chapters of The Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry Potter and the Closet of Horrors


Today I need to do important real life things so here is a very old fan fiction. Now I’m probably going back to twitter when I should be reparo-ing my life.

It was Harry Potter’s 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and he was once again lurking in the girl’s toilets. This was not just because he and his good friend Ron Weasely were perverts; as well as checking out Hermione and Moaning Myrtle they were concocting a Polyjuice potion (does this plotline seem oddly familiar?).

Considering Voldemort’s breathtaking return to power you might have thought they would have found a more useful way of spending their time. The answer to this is that in their own twisted reality they could not make a plan without somehow involving Polyjuice potion, or keep their noses out of things that were clearly none of their business. The purpose of…

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