what I know about…remembering

Everything I know about memories I learned from Harry Potter.

I went through a feng shui stage a while ago. I think it lasted as long as most of my phases last.

Anyways, I put the mappy thing over the plan of our house- including the attached garage. I figured that because it was under the roofline, it counted.

Right in the money part was the far corner of the garage.

In that corner is a brass firebox filled with horse brasses and the types of big copper plates and ornaments that you’d find in an English pub. They belonged to an Aunt of Mr T’s who moved out from Scotland.

We haven’t looked at the contents for over 20 years, yet he won’t get rid of it. Sentimental, he says.

When I ask about the aunt he can’t remember her without remembering her bitterness, her pessimism and her dislike…

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