1. First Online Diary

… and it’s public! 🙂


Anyway, Good Day Everyone! Just Got Home from School. Medyo sad and naiinis. Alam mo yung feeling na your Teacher hate you in a reason I didn’t even know?! Hotaena. Tas’ lagi pa akong iniipit. I’m being bullied… I think. Nakakapanghina ng loob. SOBRA! And now I feel so helpless… lagi akong tinatawag sa recitation kahit di ko pmaintindihan yung topic. And, she doesn’t even teach well! Arrgh. Special Section pa naman ako TuT 😦 SUPER SAD AND THE SAME TIME, MAD!


I can’t live like this forever. Right? Tsaka, yun lang kinaya ng utak ko eh. Pake nila? Tsaka, kailangan ko ba ng Algebra sa trabaho ko? Imeanasdfghjkl! Fvck. — deserve to dieeeee!


I… am… so… MEAN! Taena. Bye! :*

I hope someone can help me… I mean… I really need help! 😥


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