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January, 03, 2013

9:10 am [Mathematics Time]



First ever entry! I mean, ohem. Anyway… Just to start of… I usually get bullied. Yeah… BULLIED. I know, there are a lot of victims on this crime these days so I’m here to share my experience… until now! 🙂


So, I have this teacher. She’s in Mathematics Department and… she is so terrifying [atleast, that’s how I see her]. But strangely, my other classmates like her. I really don’t see the point. And. Just this day… and some of the last days of 2012, she, I think, dislikes me for not participating in her class. It’s really hard to cope up… especially when she’s around. She asks me to go out and told me that I’m not her student anymore. I know my fault in here, but, I think, she’s a teacher here! She should teach… help… or be kind, if you ask me. It really affects me. Especially my everyday life.


Everyday I kept thinking of that day… thinking if she would accept me again. I honestly swear that I regretted that “mistake” or whatever that made her mad. It affects me deep inside. Thinking, “I have a teacher, and she dislikes me,” and now I can’t make my parents proud. I’am scared of my grades now that she considered me a “Stranger”. Ugh… I felt bullied. I kept thinking on the positive sides but I really can’t. I feel ashamed… and a student feeling ashamed should have a support on his/her teacher. You may think it’s a small matter but… I’M ON SPECIAL SECTION. And being on a SPECIAL SECTION is a great opportunity. I’m not even smart. My parents will get mad when I’m not on special section anymore next year. I mean. REALLY MAD!


And now I’m living in fear and in nervousness..


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